Saturday, December 29, 2012

a little thing i want to share....

I've been thinking lately. What will happen if I try to make my game world into reality?
Not like what you think now. I mean, the way I treated the games. Let me give you examples if you don’t get it. Whenever I played a game, I always look for its walkthrough first. I did it because I want to know where should I go or where I could find the secret items. Of course, I didn’t want to get lost in the game, did I? When I got it, I read it carefully, preparing myself for what will come to me after. If I think I’ve got all I need to enter the game field, I’ll close the walkthrough and proceed. When I stumble with a problem I couldn’t solve, I’ll get my walkthrough and read it again.
            As I proceed, I’ll meet with the bosses. I knew it would be hard fighting them, so I would get out from the game first after saving all my journeys. I will re-read my walkthrough again so I know what I should prepare before fighting with the boss. I will see which of my skill that can beat my enemies. Then, I’ll try and fight the monsters. When I failed, I will carefully re-think my strategy. What should I do? Where did I do wrong? Why do I lose?
            After thinking hard, I’ll surely come back and fight them again. This time, I go with full confidence that I will win this. And after retrying for I don’t know how many, I will finally beat the enemies. I will be so proud to myself, congratulating myself for beating the obstacles I think I wouldn’t ever through. Isn’t that nice?
            Do you know? In the games, running away from the bosses won’t end the game. When you do, the game will be endless. Whether you like it or not, you have to fight it. You must beat the bosses to end the games. Running away will just make your game feels harder. It will be a lot reassuring if you step forward and bravely challenge the boss. You would never know what will happen if you didn’t give it a try first. it is possible that you can beat it with one try. But, don’t be ashamed if you lost it. You can always retry again and again and again as long as you like it, as long as you have your spirit up to put up a fight!
            See? How nice it is if I apply these in my real life? I would have changed so many things! It’s great, isn’t it?
            Why don’t you try my advice? I think it will help you, even if you’re not a gamer or something. You want to reach the goal, don’t you? Then run! Chase it! Run until you got no energy left! Run until you see that bright light at the end of the tunnel! Embrace your dream! Fight for it! You can always be number one!

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