Wednesday, October 31, 2012


When I feel down and gloom like there's no tomorrow
When the sun never came to light my life
And everything is black and white
Colourless. Lifeless. Meaningless

There's no day when I smiled from my heart
Everyday is dull, I don't feel any passion
When the sunrise I wake up and fall asleep when it's dark
This boring daily live drive me crazy

But then you came with your happy face, your happy life
You shine my live and make it so bright
You dyed my world with your rainbow colours
Shaking my mind, giving me a new reason to keep on living

That smile changes me, you make me lively
My everyday now full of you in it
You take my arms and fly me to the sky
I'm burning, I'm burning, now I give this feeling all for you

I love you, I love you, look at me and feel this feeling
I like it when you make me feel like I'm your princess
You show me and guide me to your world
It's so bright, it's so you, and make me love you more

If only this feeling really reach out to you
And what if this overflowing love can't be hold?
Will you be there to catch it? Will you be there to hold me?
Will you say that you feel the same, that you love me too?

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