Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Old Speech (embarassing)

Good evening, everyone! How's your day? Is it great? Nice? Or could it be bad? Just forget all the bad memories and smile ;) Tomorrow will be better than today, right?

Hmm.... Cerita soal apalagi ya? Oh iya! Aku barusan bongkar-bongkar file hasil tulisanku yang--tumben-tumbennya--pake bahasa Inggris. Temanya soal hidup dan tipenya itu buat pidato. Hari ini aku share itu aja ya :D


I will talk about 'LIFE'.

Let's begin it with, what's the meaning of life? What do you think about life? For me, life is a miracle. life is so meaningful. Life is something that I through everyday, everytime. Life is where I can find out who I am. Shortly, life is our journey that we have to take untill the end of time.

As you all know, we life here on earth. There are so many people living here and doing the daily thing as they life. work, school, play, hang-out, and more. Doing so many things and make it as a 'have-to-do-things-everyday' in their head. Yeah, we all people living for doing things that we loved to do, or some things that we HAVE to do.

But, do you think everybody in this world live happily like that? Nope. Of course not. In our life, there are many problems. Some of the problems are easy to solve and not disturbing our live that much. But for some people, a little matter that they can't solve will affect their live. They will think and try to solve the problems everyday without asking another's help. They waste their precious time that can be used to do positive thing only for thinking about 'how to solve my problem?'

I myself have my own problems, y'know? Sometimes I really focused on solving that and wasting my time. But there will always a way out if you try to find it. All problems have the way-out that we have to search. Of course we need time 'till it show itself. While searching for the way-out, you have to focus on your life too. Try to do your daily schedule with your best. And when you have spare time, used it wisely. Maybe you want to try to find a way-out for your problem, or you can just relaxing and enjoyed the time 'cuz you still have so many things to do.

Hey, never ever say that your life is worthless, guys. No life is too worthless to pass and no life is so bright to be dreamed of. You just have to find the right way and your life won't be that bad. You've been given life. All that left to do is do it with your own way. Fill it with as many good things as you like. Remember this, you don't have to be the best. You just have to try your best. Life is not that simple, but it's not that complicated either. If you really try, you'll always find the right thing. Helping each other and remember to live your life too.

In the end, no matter how hard your life is, never give up. Survive 'till the end. Then you'll find the real meaning of life.


Sebenernya agak malu sih memperlihatkan ini pada kalian ==" Bahasa Inggrisku masih acak-acakan karena disusun dengan grammar pas-pasan dan didukung oleh vocab yang dikit :') Yah, yang penting aku sudah pernah berusaha bikin pidato, iya kan?

Malam ini cukup dulu deh. Aku mau lanjutin bikin tugas dulu yaaa? Mata ashita, minnasan~

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